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The October 2023 AAAP meeting will be held on the 10th at 7:30PM in the auditorium (Room 145) of Peyton Hall on the Princeton University campus. AAAP Members John Church and Michael DiMario will talk about the efforts to restore the historic Yerkes Observatory and the optics of the famed 40-inch refractor, still the world’s largest refracting telescope.
One of the purposes of the AAAP is to educate the public about the wonders of the universe over our heads through our lecture series and outreach program.

Our astronomers setup telescopes for public use at Communiversity in Princeton, Super Science Saturday at the NJ State Museum in Trenton and at various public events around Mercer County.

We will bring telescopes to your school or educational event to show and explain objects in the night sky like the Moon, constellations, planets, nebulae and galaxies.

The AAAP Observatory, Washington Crossing State Park (NJ side) will open to the public at sunset every Friday evening IF the sky is clear.

For complete details about visiting the AAAP Observatory, please click on the "more" button just below.

Sidereal Times is the official newsletter of AAAP since 1962.

Published in blog form now, it is the best source of current news about club activities. In addition, we publish essays, gear evaluations, astrophotographs, book and movie reviews, poetry, travelogues and technical articles related to our hobby.

AAAP plans to post on this website soon our archive of all issues going back to the club's founding. We hope to complete this project soon.