AAAP is the premier amateur astronomy club in New Jersey and the Northeast USA. We offer a 50+ year history of providing hands-on, mindful experiences to enhance members understanding of the astrophysical universe from the theoretical, observational, and educational perspectives.

Monthly meetings convene at Peyton Hall, home of the Princeton University Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences. Our meetings are concurrently held via a Zoom feed and live attendance at the University's Peyton Hall. The AAAP is proud of its long-standing partnership with the Department, its faculty and associates.

AAAP membership offers the following astronomy benefits:

Guest speakers include professors, researchers and post-docs from Princeton Astrophysics, The Institute For Advanced Study, and other area institutions.

⋄     Members have direct exposure to learning the celestial sphere, observing techniques, telescope operation, astrophotography, Electronic-Assisted Astronomy (EAA) and other aspects of the science from experienced astronomer members.

⋄     Train to become an Observer at our state-of-the-art observatory at Washington Crossing State Park, NJ. Becoming trained as a "Keyholder" allows 24/7 access to the Observatory. Instruments currently include Celestron C14, Mallincam Xtreme video telescope, and historic 6.25-inch refractor, all on Software Bisque Paramount-ME computer-guided equatorial mounts.

⋄      AAAP members who are planning to begin, are beginning or are adept at astro-imaging or astro-video are invited to participate in the AAAP’s Astroimagers subgroup. The focus of the subgroup is hands-on and technique oriented. Members share perspectives on telescope and mount equipment, filters and cameras, software for scope control and image acquisition, image calibration and processing, and troubleshooting. Members are invited to submit their astro-images for AAAP Newsletter inclusion and publication. Detailed information will be provided upon membership.

⋄     Observer teams convene each Friday night from April through October for public astronomy at the Observatory.

Interested members also participate in a wide variety of educational astronomy outreach events with schools, youth groups, and adults in the area.

⋄     Club-sponsored field trips to significant regional centers of astronomy, physics, engineering and related fields.

⋄     Members have occasional opportunities to purchase telescopes, mounts, and other equipment at low prices when they arise through AAAP's network.

How to join -
It is easy! Please fill the online membership form and pay your dues! Membership is $40 per year.

Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton, Inc.